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Relocating Artwork at The Hawthorns, Necton

As part of our commitment to the communities we build in, Esmera Homes embarked on a project with Necton Area Trust and Necton Parish Council at our upcoming site on School Road, Necton. The project aimed to preserve and relocate artwork created by former students of the old Necton C of E Primary School.

Securing the Area

The project took place over two days in the latter part of 2023. On the first day, the area was cleared to ensure safe access to the site. Additionally, supports were put in place to prevent the flat roof from collapsing whilst work was carried out to remove a section of the supporting brick wall.

Removal Works

The most challenging aspect of the project involved delicately removing the internal block wall. This was required to gain access to the external brick wall to which the artwork was attached. Once the internal block wall was removed, the artwork was secured within a wooden frame. Small openings were created in the brickwork to insert lifting straps. This was to ensure the artwork was supported and would not collapse during the final brick cuts. The primary concern at this stage was the potential instability of the brickwork, which could result in the artwork breaking. 

Relocation of The Artwork

On the second day, the artwork was moved from its original position on the wall of the former school building. It was then carefully transported along School Road, eventually reaching the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Wood on Ketts Hill.

The project’s next phase is scheduled for early spring where the artwork will be carefully erected in the memorial wood. Once on show to the public, it will provide enjoyment for both visitors and residents for many years to come. To keep updated on when the artwork will be on show to the public, head to Necton Area Trust’s website.

The Hawthorns, Necton

The site in Necton is scheduled to launch in Spring 2024 and features a selection of modern 3 and 4-bedroom homes. These properties will be available for sale through William H Brown with anticipated completion dates as early as December 2024.

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